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April 23, 2010


Recent times have seen a fantastic resurgence of interest in Vintage Accessories. Whether it is ladies or gents, people can't get enough of it. Just take a look at your local Op Shops. People are rummaging through clothing, vinyl records (LPs), chinaware, toys, you name it.

My preference is vintage jewellery. I find that vintage jewellery has a character that is not seen in today's modern pieces. Modern jewellery seems sterile by comparison. Clean and clinical.

Vintage jewellery is like an old soul. Unless it has been kept in its original packaging and never seen daylight, vintage jewellery comes with character. Like an elderly gent with greying hair, a few wrinkles, and a cheeky twinkle in his eye. Vintage jewellery might have fading colour, some minor scratches, and a gleem of intrigue.

Some people say that vintage jewellery talks to you, or you get a vibe from it. Others say it means a piece is haunted.

Sometimes it is a sense of pride that comes with your accessory. Did it belong to a grandparent, or a loved one? You get to tell its story, or even cheekily make one up. Who is going to argue that it didn't belong to your grandfather?

The pride you feel when someone asks you about a special accessory is amazing. You can't help but tell its story with gusto. A piece of jewellery that has been around longer than you have deserves at least that.

If you have a collection hidden away, treasure it and treat it with respect. Dust off your pieces and wear them proudly.

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