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April 17, 2010


This intriguing little clip is actually a gentleman's antique “Wizard” Cuff Holder from 1889. Back in the late 1800s, gents’ shirts came with detachable cuffs and collars so they could be easily replaced to give the appearance of a fresh clean shirt. This wonderful little gadget was designed to hold the cuffs in place.

Can you imagine what a wonder of modern technology this must have been!

Folklore suggests that the more imaginative of the Wild West poker players managed to use this gadget to hide an ace up the sleeve. With one end clipped to the clothing and the other end holding a hidden card.

I imagine this would have been a very difficult task to perfect. With your back to the wall, one eye scanning the room for would-be assassins, one eye on the cards and the pot and the other players. And somehow managing to fiddle with your sleeve to produce the elusive ace. All the while, not drawing attention to yourself or your cheating actions.

How stressful it must have been to live in those times. And let's not mention the dire consequences of getting caught cheating!

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  1. great find. i think having detachable cuffs on my shirt would drive me crazy, personally.

  2. I laugh when I think about it. Imagine cuffs and collars popping open in the middle of a conversation.

  3. Linda Denton05 September, 2012

    I just bought five of these clips in a small case at an antique shop and was told they were stocking clips. Love the idea that they are cuff holder clips and were used by card cheaters.