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April 8, 2010


One man's trash is another man's treasure. Nothing could be truer when it comes to vintage items. Many an item has been discarded by someone who doesn't see its worth. Luckily, we treasure hunters come along and give these beauties a new home.
For some, it is a leisurely stroll around a vintage marketplace. For others, the same marketplace can be a frenzied attack of systematically scouring the whole place to get to the treasure before the competition. And still others do their hunting online - with the whole world at their fingertips, and a cup of coffee in hand.
Whatever your preference of shopping style, there is treasure out there to be found. The internet gives you the opportunity to scavenge the whole country, or even other countries. This is a strange place to be in. We yearn for things from the past, but we use modern technology to put us in touch with these things from the past.
Perhaps that makes us the lucky generation.
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