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July 8, 2010


Have you ever wanted to learn a craft? A hobby? A past-time? Something to help fill your creative void?

I was searching recently for just that, and came across something great and want to share it. I was looking for something about crafts that I could learn online. But I didn't really know what I was looking for.

My find is Astarte's Mega-Zine.

Astarte is an online magazine for lovers of art and craft, covering topics such as:
  • mixed media
  • papercraft
  • textiles
  • polymer clay
  • jewelry making
  • and much more
The articles in the magazine are written by Arts Industry Experts. These are easy-to-read articles that are sure to leave you inspired. This is a magazine of quality and excellence, filled with great content.

Astarte's Mega-Zine is an online magazine that you download and save to your hard disk. You can read it on the screen or print it out to read at your leisure.

The magazine is great value at only $9.95(US) per issue. You can pay by PayPal, and you get the issue immediately.

Issues are available by individual issue (pick and choose) or by annual subscription.

So if you want to learn crafts online, check out the Astarte's MegaZine page and see what you think.
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