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May 1, 2010


As winter fast approaches (in Australia), I thought it was time for some magazines to read by the fireplace. The mornings are getting colder. The evenings are getting dark so much earlier.

I love to spend my early morning Sundays, my "me" time, sitting beside the fireplace with a hot cuppa and good magazine. The quiet and serenity when I'm the only one awake. The gentle crackle and hum of the small morning flames licking their way around a piece of wood.

I've just had a look through Amazon and chosen Smart Money and Old House Journal.

With Smart Money I should be able to put my new-found financial expertise to good use and have a squillion dollars to spend on any (or every) Old House manor that takes my fancy.

A good plan? Oh, we can all dream. And at the very least, its a fun escape from reality.

Oh damn! I just noticed the two magazines I have chosen can only be delivered to US addresses. We outsiders aren't worthy of financial knowledge or houses we can't afford? I'll take another look to see what I can get. Okay so now I've settled on a book on Antiques.

If you're in the US and want a magazine subscription, check out these subscriptions.

Or if you're from anywhere, check out the Books on Antiques

What are you reading at the moment? I'm always looking for a recommendation from someone who has read or reading something. And it means so much more knowing that it comes from someone with similar interests to me. Tell me what you have found.

If you'd like to share a favourite book or magazine with others, please add a comment.

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